Are you ready to improve the financial health of your business?

What to Expect - Step by Step

We have to know the status of your books; this step is critical and will tell us about your finances, what stage your business is at, what you're currently doing and help us understand your needs.  We need to know you and your business.  Be prepared to submit your financial information as requested so you can get the most benefit.  Submitting the Bookkeeping Health Assessment triggers our onboarding client process. This is a $500 investment, reimbursed with a signed 12 month contract.

The Results and a Quote

Before work begins we will require a 50% deposit and a digitally signed service contract for the review. Our qualified staff go over your information, send you the documented findings, an invite to go over your questions on a Zoom Call, and our invoice for the balance owing.  If our companies are a good fit we can provide a quote for a bookkeeping services package, including any required subscriptions. There are no surprises and you get audit ready financials on a weekly or monthly basis.  

The Process

When you review the proposal, we'll ask you to sign a contract for a minimum three month period.  When we have your digital signature, we'll dive into getting the system set up.  We will also provide a short training where we show you how we'd like you to submit your information so we can be efficient as possible and get your books done right from the start.  Once the onboarding process is complete, you'll start receiving your financial information as per the agreement.  

Work Begins

This is the exciting part!  Our bookkeepers enjoy what they do, and have the expertise to get you from source document to updated statements every week.  You'll start experiencing financial benefits as soon as you upload that first receipt!  By working with us not only will you take this administrative task off your shoulders, but with our experience and guidance, you will take control of your finances, and achieve the ability to make decisions based on relevant financial information.   

Let's Talk

We believe in transparency, and that means we need to communicate while we're working in the system to discover any issues with the paper flow until both of us are satisfied with how receipts are submitted and financials are presented.  This process will further improve your bookkeeping system.  We'll send reminder emails as required, and routinely ask for feedback on how to improve your customer experience.  We welcome your input, and addressing your needs


We all need to be accountable.  We will review your data with you as part of your initial three month contract, ending each accounting cycle with a clear view of your wins for the month.  That means we'll report to each other on what's working and what's not.  Don't worry!  You can contact us anytime with questions and concerns as they arise, and we encourage you to do so.  The perfect time to create a workable strategy is when you recognize the need for it not at your month end review.

Fast Forward 90 days

Hard to believe your first three months are over already! Let's recap:  You have a sorting and filing system in place that allows you to deal with your receipts in an efficient manner.  You have a solid foundation to measure the health of your business, and with up-to-date financials you can track and use your unique data to make informed decisions regarding your activities and grow your business.  Let's schedule a strategy call and focus on your future bookkeeping needs. 

imagine your bookkeeping as an investment tool that will help keep more money in your pocket