Hi, I'm Esther.  After pursuing an education in finance and working as a bookkeeper for 10 years, I established Accrual Business Services as a flexible way to earn income while raising a son and daughter.

who we are

Here's the deal:  Every business needs to do their bookkeeping.  Whether it's you, or someone you hire, it's a responsibility not to be taken lightly.  Your records need to be accurate and compliant.  

I believe the first step to getting you to a secure financial future is to get you to experience the benefits having up-to-date records can provide.  That can only happen when your records are current, and you understand what the numbers are telling you.  

Whether we are doing your entries for you, or helping you do your own, my team and I promise to do all we can to make your bookkeeping tasks easier, and less time consuming. 

My first goal is to help you get your bookkeeping done and help you interpret your financial statements so you can use them for more than just filing taxes.  

From source document to financial statement, I can show you how to use the proper tools at the right time and utilize technology when it makes sense to, streamlining your paper flow and processes, so you always know your bottom line.

That was back in 1998 and many technical advancements have changed the bookkeeping industry from when I was a student working towards a diploma in the accounting and finance field to testing out today's software and apps to find the best fit.  Having worked in the bookkeeping field for over 30 years, I have the experience to know what works.  And what doesn't.

getting your business finances and online presence in order